About Me


I grew up in a small town in South Texas-- San Diego, Texas. There I was raised to know the importance of community. I work in Marketing Communications and have been fortunate to manage and partake in many amazing projects that range from local non-profit events to large scale sponsor campaigns for state and national conferences. I'm a mother to the coolest kid and 3 dogs. I've lived in San Antonio for nearly a decade and I cannot believe how quickly that time has gone. I've made San Antonio home. This is where I've adulted miserably and successfully. Every moment has hosted a multitude of lessons and I am proud of all the experiences that have led me to where I am at now. So, here you are trying to figure out why you should even read my blogs or have any interest into what I do. I honestly cannot tell you why you should subscribe or read or click on the things I tried out and liked. I'm actually super boring, but I've somehow tricked enough people into thinking it'd be hilarious for me to write a blog. 

Jokes on them. 

So sit with me in solidarity with your Christmas pajamas and bunny slippers and large over-poured glass of wine. Let's be a group of messes together! 

Blessings and Lots of Love, 


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