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A Buddy for Life

Five years ago, I went to the San Antonio Humane Society in hopes of finding a dog to add to my fur family. At the time, Roo was living with my mom and I had a Mixed small breed dog. I had wanted a bigger dog to be a running partner. I walked into SAHS dog building and was taken over by the loud echoes of all the dogs barking in hopes of bringing attention to themselves in hopes of finding a home. I walked down one side and saw so many faces eager for love and attention. Then, I walked down the aisle to right and at the very end in the last cubicle was the beautiful black dog with a whipping tail and piercing orange brown eyes. He was 2 years old and taken off the streets. I took him out of his kennel and played with him for a good 30 minutes. I immediately knew that his nuzzles and playful personality had captured my heart.

A Big Hunk o'Love

I brought him home and changed his name to Presley. His blue black fur was piercing but he had blonde fur on his paws. For those of you who did NOT know...Elvis was a natural blonde. I thought the name was suiting. Presley was high in energy and a bull in a china shop in my small one bedroom apartment. He fit in with my other dog and for the first few weeks, all seemed smooth sailing.

Singing the Jailhouse Rock

My schedule between work and school got extremely heavy. I had no time for anything much less to give to a dog who needed time to go outside and run and play and was still very much a puppy. His temperament started to change and I could not blame him. He was full of energy that he had no where to use. He was spending a majority of his day in his crate because of my schedule and my heart was breaking for him.

A Trip to a New Home

At the time, my boyfriend's parents had a home with a huge yard and other ranch dogs. We took him down there and he was so happy! It was the best fit for him and I knew he needed to stay there.

Heartbreak Hotel

When my boyfriend and I broke up, I never heard of or about Presley again. I knew I couldn't bring him back into the apartment and that he would be better off with his parents. It had been five years since my boyfriend and I had broken up. Since that time so much life had happened. I was a mother to a toddler, a wife, a business owner, in the process of looking at homes, college student, etc. The last thing I expected was to open up my Facebook Messenger to find a message from a local shelter back home saying they had a dog microchipped in my name and he was at risk for euthanasia.

Return to Sender

I spoke with someone at the shelter. She told me how someone had brought in two strays and one, a black dog, that was micro-chipped to me. I mentioned the situation and then she paused and told me that the person who dropped him off was the person he was living with. My heart stopped. After talking with the lady, it was explained to me how after five years, it was up to me to decide what happened to this dog. I got off the phone and called my husband and cried. We decided to pack up our family and see the condition of which Presley was in and how his temperament was. We had to consider the safety of our son and how this dog would react to a toddler. We drove two hours and pulled up to a gravel parking lot and a worn down building and my heart started racing with nerves.

All Shook Up

It was easy to see that Presley had aged and was slower than the young high energy dog I once knew. His fur was sprinkled with white and his eyes had more of a story than once before. He laid his head on my lap and looked at me with somber eyes. I sat there and held back tears of guilt and apology. I felt awful that I thought he was happy and taken care of. What angered me was that the demeanor the dog in front of me gave no reason as to why he would be dumped off in a pound. My son ran up to him and screamed, "Buddy! Look, it's Buddy!" My husband and I looked at each other sort of confused as to where the name came from and then instantaneously understood. Our son thought he looked like the dachshund from The Secret Life of Pets. Luke, our son, hugged on him, petted him, and all the while greeting him as Buddy. Presley sat there patiently as this tiny boulder of a human played with him. My husband whistled for him and Presley stood erect and attentive in front of him; as if waiting for a command. He was not the wild dog I once knew. The dog I was being introduced to was a completely different dog. Before I could even open my mouth with a verbal thought, my husband made it known that we would be taking him home. Now, the process of how he got home leads into some political controversy that I would rather not discuss because it is a hearsay circumstance and not my place to get into. The moral of this transition is that he came home to us and is home with us now.

Love Me Tender

Presley is now Buddy. And the name has never been more fitting. He is kind, loyal, protective, and full of love. He enjoys scratches behind the ears and galloping in the grass. He hungers for love and enjoys car rides. He is a great walking companion on the trails and patient with our son. My husband has said it best that he is the puzzle piece that completes our family. I may have rescued Buddy 5 years ago, but it is he that rescued me this time around. He showed me what is is like to not hold grudges, what it is like to understand and to be patient and tolerant. He is a great dog and a perfect addition to our family. We are extremely blessed to have Buddy in our lives and will love him tenderly for as long as he lives!

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