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  • Lawson D'Nago

Here I Go, Again

So last year was cute.

Let's recap:

May: Drugged in Las Vegas

June: I lost my mom and was in my first ever car accident

July: I lost Roo, my dog of forever.

August: Dove head first into my work and stayed underwater in order to mentally heal from the chaos of the summer.

November: Started realizing that I was unappreciated and was being manipulated at work.

December: Christmas was SUPER cute.

January: Turned in my notice at work and said, "eff this,"

February: New job, new perspective, new understanding of my strength

So, here I am. Building myself back up. Taking a new look on life. Seeing that I have to stop looking at life in the scope that tomorrow is promised; because what I've learned first hand that life has a way of stopping and take a hard abrupt turn in a matter of hours.

So, what is worth living for? What is worth letting go? It's okay to be selfish and be too much for anyone.

In this new phase of, "holy shit! I still need to adult!" I've understood that I am not a tall glass of sweet tea but more like whiskey in a teacup. And I'm okay with that. So, here I go, again.

I'm writing it down. Maybe my thoughts will resonate or you will relate. Maybe I'll commit to making this routine. Possibilities are endless.

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