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Home Sweet Home (Pt 2)

We did it. We bought a home. I have in my purse a pen that signed us to the most expensive things we've ever committed to. It is perfect!

Our home is in a quiet location at the end of a cul da sac and I cannot emphasize enough how awesome that is! Our dogs and son can enjoy the luxury of a yard! Buddy is enjoying protecting us from the rabid squirrels, Roo basks in the sun, and Luke works on his golf swing. Being homeowner's is the best things ever.

You Know We are New Homeowners When...

We get excited about our first rain storm in our new home! We come across different things that need to be fixed and we get excited! We nail in frames just to find that they are crooked and re-nail it knowing we can and no one will fine us for it! We LOVE having a home.


It is not all done within a 30 minute span of time! Nor is it all done within a week. It tests your patience, your marriage, and your sanity. If it was not for our amazing realty and lending team, I think we would have lost it!

Speaking of Amazing...

Our team. Jacquelyn Rafert with Engel & Völkers Realty and Graham Davis with Draper and Kramer Mortgage. If it was not for our group messages and their patience when answering all of our questions.

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